Lo Lounge is the lounge area next to reception at the Ovolo Southside Hotel. The interior is designed in the New York warehouse style. There will be a live DJ as well as loung-y chairs with a pool table for people to relax. The material used are very rustic and old school, a lot of concrete and exposed steel, the logo is designed to be minimilistic to showcase the material in the best way.


The above bar is located at the top of the Ovolo Southside Hotel. The bar is aiming to become a destination for the fashionable people that work in the area as well as the hotel guests. The logo is always positioned at the top of wherever it is placed.


GIG is a multi purpose space at the lobby of the Ovolo Southside Hotel, that can host events from music gigs to showcasing art pieces. There is a large circular plate on the floor in the centre of the room that spins, creating a different sense of perspective to the experience. The logo is designed based on the different perspective of things, creating a symmetrical and almost illusional feel to it.

Ovolo Southside Hotel Cirqle Restaurant
Ovolo Southside Hotel Cirqle Restaurant