Tagus was born from a property management company that has apartment complexes all over Hong Kong ranging from ultra premium to modest. 
The management company commissioned us to create an identity that tied all the flats together and create a new voice for the company. We eventually settled on the idea of “flow” since within the Tagus network, you could settle into a flat that fits your personality and budget perfectly. The name of the company came from the Tagus River in Portugal, which holds a special significance to the owner.

The first property, Tagus Residences, is located in Happy Valley. The apartments cater to aspriational young-adults who have found some success in life but know that more is to come. The property is their second stepping stone on their climb to the top. We delveloped the advertising campaign and tagline based on this concept of people struggling to reach their potential.

“Where your life leads you, you must go”

- Oscar Wilde

Tagus brochure
Tagus brochure

Tagus Concierge App

To help make the lives of the residents more enjoyable we developed an online application where guests can book the outdoor grill, gym, and other facilities and also request dinner reservations and deliveries from their phone or tablet. The app even includes a handy "neighbors" utility where you can lookup the names of your fellow residents, in an effort to build a better community and grease social interaction.