Sean Okihiro

Founder /
Saké Brewer / American Barefoot Runner / Wine-o

Not someone who can stick with just one passion, Sean majored in both Architecture and Computer Graphics at Cornell University. Sean has launched multiple companies, and worked in a diverse range of industries from sake brewing, to web development, to advertising at TBWA before starting Kobo Design. Able to work in a range of media, Sean’s greatest ability is to listen thoughtfully and be resourceful in finding solutions to any problem.

Kannan Ashar

Business Development & Marketing Director /
Red Wine Enthusiast

Having more than 10 years of hands-on experience developing businesses and in marketing in Hong Kong and India, Kannan is good at understanding the clients business needs, coming up with efficient and cost-effective solutions. Naturally curious, she loves to read and keep abreast with constantly evolving marketing trends. When she’s off work, she will occasionally convince herself to join the gym or try out a new diet, just before ordering a pizza.

Gloria Yeung

Project Manager /
Shower Singer / See-food Enthusiast

Gloria was born with her two sisters on the same day.  Yes! She is a triplet.  She plans for everything down to the smallest details.  She studied translation and interpretation which is a big bonus for KOBO as she is the perfect bridge between our team and our clients. An avid traveller, she loves listening to people sharing their experiences and reaching new destinations. In her free time you'll find her playing board games, or watching Netflix.

Winci Chan

Art Director /
Vintage Enthusiast

Design Graduate from RMIT University of Melbourne, Winci has gained recognition for her graphic design style in an international design magazine for her past work. She loves vintage design style and has a deceptively timid demeanor but is forceful when it comes to making great designs. She also loves traveling to explore her horizon, she was a welcome addition to the Kobo team.

Delphine Lieu

Interactive Art Director /

Moving to Hong Kong from France to explore Asia, Delphine has a strong understanding of digital and graphic design. Delphine loves to draw and is frequently found illustrating in her books. She’s an explorer, having come back from a half year backpacking trip in Asia, she’s filled with new experiences and inspirations to fuel her design work.  

Jeremy Loo

Designer /

Jeremy likes long walks on the beach, a cold drink in his hand, and judging the usage of poor typography. He loves being near the water, and never truly forgets anything. He is always early to things, and can usually be seen wearing hats. During his free time, he scouts for new typefaces or happy hour deals.

Tom Chung

Analyst Programmer /
Stratocaster Player / Lion Dancer

Tom is not your typical wallflower web developer.  He has been known to sing a power ballad or five in front of a crowd, and his voice is... angelic! If Kobo were to start a band, he would be the front-man! 

Anne Helou

Graphic Designer /
Driven French Explorer

Anne always gets what she wants. She applied to Kobo multiple times, organized her own visa and refused to understand the meaning of “no”, fortunately for us. Never content with where she is, Anne has experienced it all, from retail branding to designing visual marketing concepts and communications for men’s fashion shops, print ad conception, photo shoots, and packaging development for cosmetics and urban denim Anne refuses to sit still.  After breaking down the doors of Kobo in Hong Kong Anne decided she missed her home too much.  She still works for us as a freelancer, and will always be our little French connection.

Bobby Lee

Business Development/
Dodgeball All-Star / Foodie

Born and raised Caribbean native of Saint John’s College of Belize City, with his well established networking connections in Hong Kong, heads KŌBO’s business development side, enabling us to help our clients not only with design work but with getting our client’s products/services out there in the market and enabling them to achieve their goals faster and more effectively. Bobby delicately balances bluntness and aggressive expansion with fun, selflessness and home-cooked meals.