Our internal team is diverse with a wide range of skills ranging from brand strategy, to website development, to app development and user experience design. Below are examples of packages that we frequently get requests for. Write us to receive an estimate.


Brand Package

We require our clients to have a quick workshop to better understand what makes your business unique and what kind of experience you want to deliver to your clients.

Brand Exercise
Notes from the workshop in hand, we'll propose a simple, 1-2 hr session that gets to the heart of your business to ensure we are aligned with your brand's vision. 

Logo Development
We will give you x5 design options which we will refind over three to eight rounds until we get it perfect.

We will propose and design three collateral items for you. We will tailor the items based on our workshop experience to keep everything on-brand. Feel free to tell us what you need as well.

Brand Guidelines
A comprehensive guide to your branding, including fonts, colors for web and print, and specifications for production.

Together with our Project Manager we will work out a timeline for your project. From start-to-finish usually takes 6 weeks.

We only accept 3 projects per month
To ensure quality we currently accept a maximum of 3 projects per month. This will ensure the designer(s) you work with will be able to concentrate on your project. 



Website Development

Hand-Crafted Websites 
We develop our websites using an in-house designed content management system to ensure you will have the most secure, easy-to-use system. No coding or training necessary.

Functional Specifications
To ensure you get what you want we will give you a detailed outline of how your website works, the mechanics of it and the purpose of the site.

Website Design
Our designers will propose two responsive design options which will be revised over four rounds to ensure we get it just right.

Because it's hard to get a feel for a website from a flat image, we will built a prototype for you to test out before the real development begins.

Coding + Installation
We use time-tested development tools, follow best practice for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to build your site. We'll ensure it's responsive so it'll be useful on all mobile, tablet and desktop browsers.

Quality Guarantee
Our websites come with a 1 year bug fixing guarantee and include 1 year of free hosting on our private server.

Together with our Project Manager we will outline the schedule for your website. Sites usually take 8-12 weeks to produce. 

The above price is for most brochure-style websites good for service-based clients. For custom development please contact us for a quote. Custom websites take between 3-6months to produce depending on complexity.